Why interest in CBD for pets is on the rise in Australia

CBD is becoming popular as a treatment for pets in Australia

Australia has long been known as a nation of pet lovers. They are part of our family, and when they become unwell or are in pain, we want the best possible care for them. 

In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in the interest around the use of CBD – not only in human medicine, but in veterinary care too. That’s because scientific research, along with extensive anecdotal evidence, have highlighted the effectiveness of CBD oil in managing a range of different health concerns in our pets, including:

Let’s take a closer look at why interest in CBD therapy is rapidly growing in Australia. 

The limitations of conventional therapies 

When it comes to treating chronic, ongoing health ailments in our pets such as epilepsy, osteoarthritis, anxiety and chronic pain, there are established conventional medications that have been in use for many years.

However, these medications do have their limitations. In some pets, they cause unpleasant side effects that have a negative impact on their quality of life. In other pets, the medications simply stop working over time and are no longer effective in symptom control. 

CBD as a natural, alternative therapy

Given the limitations and side effects associated with pharmaceutical medications, it’s no wonder that pet owners have been searching for natural, alternative treatments to help improve their pet’s quality of life. 

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a natural derivative of the cannabis plant species. CBD works through its relationship with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a complex system interdependent and interwoven with pretty much every other system in the body. 

Cannabdiol is able to interact with the immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and nervous systems in our bodies. This allows CBD oil to be an effective, natural remedy for symptoms affecting different facets of our pets’ physical and psychological health. 

Cannabidiol can help treat a range of health conditions

According to research, CBD oil can be helpful for pets with epilepsy, arthritis, chronic pain and anxious or depressed behaviours.

Some pet owners have also shared positive outcomes when treating their pets with CBD for the symptoms of cancer, diabetes and gastrointestinal concerns.

Most commonly, we are seeing owners seek out CBD oil as a treatment for relieving pain, inflammation and anxiety disorders in their pets. 

The effectiveness of CBD oil lies in its ability to act upon different systems in the body.

For example, CBD oil works to manage chronic pain in two ways. It not only reduces the sensation of pain experienced by an animal, but also helps reduces the inflammatory processes that are causing the pain in the first place. 

Medicinal cannabis has become more accessible

It’s true that CBD has become more accessible, especially online, and this has contributed to growing interest among pet owners.

However, it’s paramount that owners avoid acquiring cannabis treatments online and without the advice of a veterinarian. CBD purchased online is often untested and may not contain what is stated on the bottle.

The good news is that organisations like CBD Vets Australia are making it easier for pet owners to access high quality, medical grade CBD oil.

When you obtain medicinal cannabis products through leal pathways in Australia, such as at CBD Vets Australia, you can be assured that the product’s quality, CBD ingredients stated and safety profile of the product is consistent, when appropriate dosages are given to your pet.

If you’re interested in CBD oil for your pet, get in touch with our team today so we can talk you through the next steps and direct your to your local prescribing vet.

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