Caring for older dogs with plant based CBD oil

The needs and wellbeing of our dogs evolve and change as they get older. Many people turn to CBD as a natural way to keep their dogs healthy and feeling comfortable in their senior years. In this article, we cover the issues that dogs experience as they age and the benefits of using CBD oil in older dogs. 

Health issues in older dogs

Like their humans do, when dogs enter their senior years, it’s normal for them to get a little slower and less active, for their joints to stiffen, their weight to go up or down, and their hair to become grey. 

Aging is a slow and gradual process that makes dogs more susceptible to developing medical issues like arthritis, cancer, dementia, anxiety, diabetes, and gastrointestinal problems. There are different types of therapies available to treat these problems. 

When a dog is at the end stage of their life and these medical problems cannot be cured, then they require palliative care. The focus of palliative care is about maintaining a quality of life, keeping pain and symptoms at bay, and ensuring that the dog is comfortable. 

Caring for senior dogs

Looking after an older dog can be complex. Often, a pooch may be experiencing different symptoms or more than one condition at any given time. And it’s not uncommon for medications that were once effective at treating symptoms to stop working. 

Further complicating this is the issue of ‘polypharmacy”. This is when a dog is on multiple medications for different conditions, and these drugs may negatively interact with each other and cause unpleasant side effects. 

CBD oil for older dogs – can it help?

CBD oil is a natural, alternative therapy that can help support the health and wellbeing of older dogs, especially when conventional treatments are failing to control symptoms, or causing adverse side effects. 

CBD works by interacting with a dog’s endocannabinoid system. This biological system regulates different pathways and processes involved in sleep, digestion, appetite, inflammation, pain perception and mood. As a result, CBD oil has the potential to work as a therapy for conditions affecting any one of these processes. 

Conditions that CBD can help treat in senior dogs

Here at CBD Vets Australia, our veterinarians prescribe CBD oil to help manage the health and wellbeing of dogs in their golden years. 

It’s important to note that CBD oil in veterinary medicine is still a relatively new field, and research is ongoing. That’s why it’s essential to speak with a veterinarian about whether CBD oil is right for your dog. If your dog could benefit from CBD oil, they will prescribe an appropriate dose and regularly monitor your dog’s progress. 

Depending on the symptoms and medical history of a senior dog, CBD may be prescribed to help manage:

Ask about CBD for your older dog today

Are you interested in finding a natural way to support your dog’s health in their senior years? CBD oil may be able to help. However, it’s crucial to access high-quality CBD oil that is prescribed under the advice and guidance of a veterinarian. Contact our friendly team at CBD Vets Australia about whether CBD oil could help your older dog. 

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