CBD Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil: Which is right for your pet?

Understand the difference between hemp seeds and CBD oil

There is a lot of confusion around the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil for pets. This is primarily because CBD oil can be hemp oil, but not all hemp oil has CBD.

Confused? Don’t worry, let’s get the facts straight.

Differences between hemp and CBD oil for pets

Hemp plants are a variety in the cannabis family that have been grown to have very minute amounts of cannabinoids inside – making hemp oil and seeds safe for consumption as food.

CBD oil can be extracted into any oil base, including hemp or olive oil, making it a therapeutic product that must be prescribed by a doctor or vet. 

Confusion often lies in cultural vernacular where the title ‘hemp oil’ could mean oil with active cannabinoids (THC and or CBD) inside or just plain old food-grade hemp oil. 

Generally, in Australia, hemp oil is solely a food, nutraceutical or cosmetic ingredient and CBD oil is a therapeutic or medicinal product.

The nutritional benefits of hemp for pets

You can find hemp products for pets in every size, colour and flavour these days. 

Legally available as a food in Australia since 2017, hemp seeds are a great source of protein, fibre and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9) which assist in the integrity of cells, cardiovascular health and brain function. 

Hemp oil is also a rich source of antioxidants that help combat damage to our cells, playing a role in preventing diseases such as cancer or heart disease and promoting wellbeing.

While it is clear these nutrient-dense seeds can offer many health benefits, hemp seed products don’t have a high enough concentration of CBD to create the therapeutic effects associated with medicinal CBD products. 

Hemp products for dogs and cats

Cats can enjoy hemp treats purported to reduce anxiety and constipation, due to hemp’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, the use of hemp seeds to soothe digestive symptoms has been documented for thousands of years.

For dogs, hemp products can come in the form of hemp oil-infused jerky, hemp seed or  hemp protein dog treats, nutritional hemp supplements to sprinkle on your dog’s food and even flavoured or plain hemp oil to add to your dog’s food.

The nutritional benefits of hemp seed and hemp oil products for dogs include promoting skin and joint health, as well as a healthy cardiovascular and immune system and supporting their cognitive function and overall wellbeing.

Should I give my pet hemp treats or supplements?

Hemp treats for pets are tailored to the nutritional and dietary needs of cats and dogs but it is always important to read the label and consider speaking with your vet. 

Our cats and dogs can only tolerate a certain amount of fat in their diet, so follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to adding hemp oil to your pet’s diet. 

Will CBD oil help my pet?

CBD oil can be helpful for a range of health conditions suffered by pets such as arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and palliative care, but is not suitable in all cases. 

Speaking with your vet will help uncover if CBD oil might be a therapeutic option for your pet. 

By Jessica Kindynis


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