The health benefits of MCT, Olive and Hemp Oils in CBD

CBD Vets offer carrier oil options with their compounded CBD

The health benefits of MCT, Olive and Hemp Oils in CBD

Vets can choose three different carrier oils in CBD. Each has well researched health benefits.

With so many hemp and CBD pet products emerging into the market, it can be difficult to discern what might be best for your pet.

In terms of CBD oil for pets, extensive clinic studies are still sparse but research is gaining momentum! What we know so far indicates CBD oil may help with a range of conditions in dogs and cats, from anxiety and arthritis to palliative care or epilepsy. 

But what about the other ingredients in compounded CBD oil?

CBD wholesome ingredients

One wonderful thing about CBD oil prescriptions for pets is that there are rarely any other additives. Many CBD oil products are organic and don’t have nasty additives or preservatives that may be unsuitable for pets. 

CBD oil for pets usually contain CBD in a carrier oil. The only other additive may be a flavouring. The strength and dose of CBD will be determined by your vet and individually compounded for each animal. 

Carrier oils are a base oil that CBD is diluted in to ensure accurate concentration and dose. 

The most common carrier oils are MCT, hemp and olive oils – each of which has well researched health benefits. 

CBD carrier oils for pets


Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils are unique because they don’t need to be broken down like other fats and oils to be used for energy. The last few years has seen MCT oil flourish in health supplements for humans and, naturally, interest has risen in the use of MCT oil for our furry friends. 

A large portion of the research into CBD for pets has included MCT oil as the carrier oil and at CBD Vets it is our preferred option for our furry patients. Due to the way MCT oil is absorbed in the body, it allows for a greater amount of active CBD to be delivered through the bloodstream to where it’s needed.

When MCT is used as the base for CBD oil prescriptions for pets, significant improvements in pain and quality of life have been seen in dogs with osteoarthritis.

Some pet owners say MCT oil has benefited their cats with constipation or fur balls. For dogs with epilepsy, MCT oil has been shown to reduce seizures and support brain function.

Olive Oil

We all know this friendly kitchen staple. Olive oil has been a staple in diets around the globe for centuries or more, with well-documented health benefits in humans. The range and ratios of fatty acids in olive oil have known benefits for heart health and cholesterol.

In dogs, olive oil has been shown to support digestion when included in their diet. 

Dogs who had olive oil added to their diet over 5 months showed olive oil increased protein digestion compared to sunflower oil supplementation.

Olive oil has also been shown to increase omega 3 levels in dogs, which supports your pets heart health and immune system. These essential fats also contribute to your dog’s skin integrity and fur.

Antioxidants and other phytoconstituents in olive oil have potent anti-inflammatory effects, supporting joint and brain health to keep your pet mobile, active and healthy across their lifespan.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9. Much like olive oil, hemp oil is known to support cardiovascular health and have anti-inflammatory effects. Hemp oil also contains a little known fatty acid called gamma-linoleic acid, which is well researched for its anti-inflammatory effects in conditions like arthritis and autoimmune diseases.

On the other hand, hemp seeds or hemp products containing the hemp seeds protein are packed full of amino acids essential for muscle and brain health, plus the added benefit of the nutritious hemp oil contained in the seed.

Many pet owners feel supplementing their pet’s diet with hemp containing treats or hemp oil has helped improve their pets arthritis, mobility, cognitive function, bone and coat health.

The benefits of CBD oil for pets

Regardless of what type of carrier oil added with CBD, there is a variety of health benefits of this cannabinoid. CBD oil has been shown to assist with mobility and chronic pain for dogs with arthritis.

Given what we know about the benefits of hemp and olive oil for joint and mobility issues, these carrier oils may offer synergistic effects with prescribed CBD.

CBD oil is well known for its ability to influence epilepsy symptoms in humans. This is also apparent in dogs, where treatment with CBD oil reduces seizure frequency.

Therefore, when treating dogs with epilepsy with CBD, MCT oil may be well suited as a base. 

The final word: carrier oils, CBD and pets

These oils have wonderful health benefits for humans and animals, but before you excitedly start to add any dietary oils to your pets food chat with your vet. While fats and oils are essential in a dog or cats diet, pets digestion isn’t suited to large amounts of fats – moderation is key.

If you’d like to know more about how CBD oil might improve your pets health outcomes, speak with your Vet or get in touch with one of our team at [email protected]

By Jessica Kindynis

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