Is CBD right for your dog? Here are 5 important things to consider.

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CBD research has grown exponentially over the past ten years, to the point that everyone knows at least a little about the therapeutic benefits of CBD. As consumers and pet owners, it’s not easy to be across the emerging research.

Keeping it simple, below are five of the most important factors to consider when looking to treat your dog with CBD.

Prescription quality CBD is low risk and has minimal side effects

A report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) found that “CBD is generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile.”

Nonetheless, with any medication, whether it be for humans or pets, there is always a chance of experiencing side effects.

In safety studies and trials of dogs taking CBD oil, the most common side effect observed has been diarrhea. 

Other less common side effects include redness around the ears or discharge from the eyes. For dogs, it is generally concluded that side effects from CBD are within acceptable ranges.

While side effects from CBD for pets are possible, when prescribed by a knowledgeable vet they can be mitigated or avoided with a careful dosing schedule. 

CBD may reduce stress and anxiety 

Anxiety is a common ailment suffered by dogs and can be experienced in a plethora of forms. From separation anxiety when you leave the house to noise-phobia induced by loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms, there are many scenarios where dogs can experience heightened levels of stress.

Thankfully, the advent of medicinal cannabis treatment for anxiety in humans has created the opportunity for the same remedy to be provided for our furry friends.

There is little research directly on the effects of CBD oil for anxiety in pets. However, over the past few years, lawmakers around the world have given major medicinal cannabis companies more freedom to explore how CBD may reduce anxiety in dogs.

This freedom has opened the door to research in humans and other preclinical investigations which have shown CBD oil may reduce feelings of anxiety and symptoms of PTSD. This is due to its interactions with receptors in the brain and central nervous system that modulate hormones and signals related to anxiety and fear responses.

Similarly, CBD oil may reduce the expression of anxiety in dogs such as barking, whining, noise phobias, separation anxiety, pacing, and other signs of distress or discomfort.

CBD can be used as a good supplementary medicine

CBD can be used as a supplementary or adjunct therapy to support your dog’s treatment. It can be prescribed to help treat the symptoms of cancer, as an adjunct to conventional forms of medication or treatment, or where those conventional methods have failed.

Research has shown that CBD can help treat inflammation and pain – two common symptoms in cancer patients.

A study at Cornell University looked at how CBD could help people manage pain, using a topical gel containing CBD that was applied for four days. They noticed a significant drop in inflammation and signs of pain, without additional side effects.

It has also been shown to help alleviate nausea and vomiting, which are common side effects of chemotherapy (drug treatments that use powerful chemicals to kill fast-growing cells in the body).

CBD can help stimulate the appetite by increasing sensitivity to the smell and taste of food in dogs, making eating a more rewarding experience for your beloved dog.

CBD for dogs

CBD can help treat behavioural issues in dogs

Despite our most loving efforts, sometimes our pet’s behaviour does not reflect their true nature. For rescue animals or those with a traumatic history, adverse behaviours can be common.

A recently released study of rescue dogs with aggressive or disruptive behaviour sheds light on the potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs, pets and shelter animals with adverse behaviours.

When compared to dogs given a placebo, CBD oil reduced aggressive behaviours towards humans such as growling, sideways glance, baring teeth and lip curling. 

CBD did not reduce other stressed behaviours in a clinically significant way – probably due to the nature of their history and shelter environment. However, dogs did not exhibit any signs of impaired perception or attention. This is significant as it indicates that the reduction in aggression wasn’t due to a sedating action.

Steer clear of low quality black market CBD products

When you obtain medicinal cannabis products through legal pathways in Australia such as at CBD Vets Australia, you can be assured that the product’s quality, CBD ingredients  stated and safety profile of the product is consistent, when appropriate dosages are given to your pet.

Legally obtained CBD has a certificate of analysis for both the raw materials and the final product ensuring that all standards of safety, quality, and efficacy are met.

You need to be confident that the composition of the CBD product is as it says. There needs to be sufficient CBD in the product to have therapeutic effect potential, when prescribed by a vet with knowledge of the right dosages and formulations for your pet’s size and condition.

When you obtain CBD products from the black market or online without prescription, there are no guarantees that the same testing has been done and that the product will actually contain the amount of CBD that is needed for therapeutic effect.

There is also the risk of contaminants, such as pesticides or heavy metals. Your pet’s health and well-being is too precious to risk!

Talk to your local vet about how CBD may benefit your dog. If they haven’t prescribed CBD before, direct them to CBD Vets Australia to learn more. Have further questions? Check out our FAQ page or email us – [email protected]

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