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Our mission at CBD Vets Australia is to support vets with education and to provide access to legal medicinal cannabis treatment options to ensure quality care for patients.

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Watching a cherished pet endure conditions like chronic pain, epilepsy or anxiety, can be heart wrenching, especially when traditional treatments have fallen short.

At CBD Vets Australia, as pioneers in Australia’s medicinal cannabis network, we acknowledge the potential of medicinal cannabis therapy as a viable alternative or adjunctive treatment.

Our dedication is evident through the creation of comprehensive training initiatives, empowering veterinarians across Australia to confidently integrate CBD into their practice for the benefit of their beloved pet patients.

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In Australia, veterinarians are beginning to explore the potential benefits of CBD oil for treating animals, following global trends that suggest therapeutic benefits.

While the regulatory environment is strict, recent changes allow a legal pathway for veterinarians to prescribe CBD products for their pet patients.


In Australia, pet owners are increasingly interested in the potential health benefits of CBD oil for their animals, mirroring a global trend towards alternative, plant-based therapies.

Medicinal cannabis is being explored for its ability to help with issues such as anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, allergies and seizures in pets.

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I find it extremely easy to upload scripts and very convenient that the owner can pay for it directly and it gets delivered extremely quickly.
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Emma and her team are extremely knowledgeable in this field and I always feel supported in my decision making,
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Highly recommend, wonderful service, super efficient.
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The team at CBD are experienced, professional and compassionate.
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Super pleased with the service and helping our vet to prescribe. They have been wonderful with follow up advice.

CBD for Pets

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Is medicinal cannabis safe for animals?

The well-being of Australia’s animals is of utmost importance to us. The amount of active cannabinoids in our products are specifically formulated for each individual pet based on a custom dose as prescribed by a vet. CBD doses vary depending on the pet’s condition, age and body weight. We provide vets with best-practice prescribing guidelines and our clinical team answers any questions vets may have.

As with all human medication, some pets may experience side effects, which we train vets to look out for.  It’s important for vets to be familiar with the various CBD formulations and the correct dosage guidelines so they can prescribe the most suitable dose for your pet and mitigate potential side effects.