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Our mission at CBD Vets Australia is to support vets with education and to provide access to legal medicinal cannabis treatment options to ensure quality care for patients.

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The potential of CBD in canine atopic dermatitis

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It’s difficult to see a furry patient or beloved pet suffer from conditions such as chronic pain or anxiety where conventional treatments have fallen short. 

As part of Australia’s leading medicinal cannabis network, CBD Vets Australia recognises the potential that medical cannabis therapies provide as an alternative or adjunct treatment option.

We’ve developed research and training programs to assist Australia’s veterinarians in accessing CBD treatments for their pet patients. 

CBd may help your pet with gastro issues
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Come talk to us about CBD as a treatment option. Our Veterinary Director Dr Chris Lee will also be presenting live on stage. Register for your ticket now and we will see you there:  

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Is medicinal cannabis safe for animals?

The well-being of Australia’s animals is of utmost importance to us. The amount of active cannabinoid ingredients such as CBD in medical cannabis specifically formulated for pets is of a custom dose based on their weight and condition. 

Vets need to know the correct medicinal cannabis dosages and formulations, because pets (particularly dogs) have an increased sensitivity to the cannabinoid THC and are at risk of adverse effects, including depression or even death from overdose. 

As with all human medication, some pets may experience side effects, which we train vets to look out for.