Our team

Dr Christopher Lee

Veterinary Director​

Hi, I am Dr Chris Lee,  a small animal veterinarian for over 30 years. I have always been passionate about pet welfare and the pet/owner bond. 

Early in my career, I certified as a veterinary acupuncturist and developed a keen interest in small animal surgery and orthopedics. More recently I travelled to the University of Tennessee to gain my Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner certification.

I run my own vet practices in South Australia with an award-winning team with special interest in pet rehabilitation and regenerative medicines including advanced pain care techniques.

I am excited to be part of the CBD Vets Australia team as I have seen first-hand how CBD oil can be used not just for pain control but also for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as a mood balancer for animals.

As a new modality of therapy, with its lack of significant side effects and wide safety margins, CBD is a viable alternative for long term pain control and an exciting adjunct therapy for veterinarians.

Emma Delaney

Sales & Product Manager

Hi, I’m Emma. I’m an Irish registered pharmacist who is passionate about health, for people and animals alike. I obtained a Master’s of Pharmacy from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in 2016. I relocated to Sydney in 2022 with the desire to apply my clinical knowledge and skills to a role where I was making a difference. I am excited to be part of an inspiring organisation which enables access to emerging therapeutics for patients that can benefit from them.

The wealth of scientific evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of CBD is remarkable. In the rapidly evolving landscape of medicinal cannabis research there has been an exponential surge in published studies, which is very exciting! I look forward to a future where the stigma surrounding medicinal cannabis is dissipated and the therapeutic benefits are harnessed for optimal patient care. 
In my role, I am dedicated to providing education to veterinarians and ensuring they have access to the latest research in the medicinal cannabis space.
I aim to support vets in feeling confident in their decision-making when it comes to CBD prescribing for pets. My commitment extends to empowering pet owners by providing them with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their pets’ wellbeing. 
Thank you for trusting us with your furry friends’ care. I look forward to being a part of their journey to optimal health!