For vet nurse Dawn, she’d long been aware of the potential benefits of CBD oil in treating a range of health problems in dogs.

So, when her beloved English Staffy, Mango, wasn’t responding well to traditional therapies for her chronic conditions, Dawn was keen to try CBD oil. 

Having settled into the treatment, Dawns says Mango is happier, in less pain and more active – and she’s even doing some ‘zoomies’ around the backyard!

Dawn share’s Mango’s health concerns and how she has been responding to CBD.

What health conditions and symptoms were affecting Mango before starting on CBD oil?

– Hypothyroidism 

– Sesamoidosis, causing chronic lameness

– Osteophytes on her back legs, causing chronic lameness 

– Reduced range of motion in shoulder joint causing chronic lameness

– Chronic regurgitation and sensitive tummy

– Mild anxiety 

What medications had Mango been taking before CBD, and were they effective?

Mango’s hypothyroidism has been under control with the medication, thyroxine. But after the initial excessive hair growth that happened when she started this medication, she has been slow, patchy or non-existent with her hair growing back after surgeries and blood tests.

She has not responded to various non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. She responded mildly to carprophen, and previcox. But we’ve have been unable to use these drugs after Mango had an acute oesophagitis and gastritis episode.

We’ve successfully used zylkene for a grief-related depression, as well as anxocare for her anxiety. 

How was CBD raised as an option? Did you suggest it or did your vet?

I work at Yandina Vet Clinic so have been aware of CBD oil even before it has become more readily available. My boss uses a combination of Western and Eastern medicine, so was open to the benefits of CBD oil early on.

My boss had suggested it a few times as I was struggling to find a combination that gave Mango decent relief that didn’t upset her stomach.

What was the process like of getting access to CBD?

We had started to use it in a couple of patients with varied success and the main thing holding me back was the cost. Anyway, I found a way to budget for it and the process was easy with CBD Vets. It was just a simple process of getting the prescription sent online and the CBD oil was with me the next day.

What dosage of CBD oil is Mango currently taking?

She is now also 25mg CBD oil, twice a day. 

What changes have you seen in Mango since starting on CBD? Have you noticed a difference?

The response was slow at first, but we decided to persist given the few other options available. After a few months though there has been a very noticeable difference in Mango.

Initially it seemed like her limp was less obvious, then she went up steep stairs that she usually zig zags up due to hip pain. She ran up them in a straight line! Then she started jumping where before she had been unable to. In addition to the obvious improvement in comfort levels, her personality was like a puppy again, playful and tail wagging and zoomies. 

Mango’s hair, which had been patchy or non-existent in its regrowth, then started to fill in properly and now when she has surgery or a blood test it pretty much grows back at a normal rate.  If she overdoes it, she still gets sore, but overall, her daily comfort level is much improved. 

For you as an owner, what difference or impact has switching to CBD had on you?

The CBD has improved Mango’s quality of life and therefore made a massive difference to mine. It’s a horrible feeling when your animal is suffering, and you can’t do anything to make it better for them.

I will continue to use CBD oil for as long as Mango responds to it, and it is available, and I can finance it. It’s not for everyone and the cost is going to be a big factor for a lot of pet owners, but I’m excited that it is an option and accessible at last.